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Our People

Michael Spanos, President of the Board and Managing Director of Global Sustain Group
Michael is the Founder of Global Sustain, an Expert Advisor to the European Commission on the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and a member of the secretariat of the United Nations Global Compact Network and of the Advisory Board of the CEO Clubs in Greece. [ more ...]

Yannis Salavopoulos, MBA, MSc Managing Director, Global Sustain GmbH & Group Head International Affairs
Yannis is also visiting Lecturer & Advisor at SRH Berlin University. He is Senior Expert on Sustainability-Climate Policy/Strategy & Sustainable Innovation and he was the local contact point for Greece of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change. [ more...]

Mylene Hours-Makris, Senior Advisor, UK & Ireland, Global Sustain Ltd.
Based in London, she is coordinating various Sustainability advisory projects with clients across sectors and countries. She is a Sustainability Advisor with over 12 years’ experience within the consulting, corporate and NGO sectors, in Europe, Africa, Middle-East and North America. [ more...]

Vanya Veras, Senior Advisor and Head of the Brussels Office
Vanya has more than 15 years of experience in waste management legislation, practices and systems. She joined Municipal Waste Europe as their Secretary General in 2012; the association which represents municipalities and their public waste management companies, in their public responsibility and engagement in waste management services. [ more...]

Aris Vrettos, Non-executive director, Global Sustain Ltd.
Director of International Programmes. Aris leads the strategy, development and delivery of executive education programmes in CISL’s international markets and oversees regional projects and partnerships including the Middle East, China & South East Asia and Australia. [... read more...]

Zoi Riga, Country Director Cyprus, Global Sustain
Zoi Riga recently joined Global Sustain as Country Director Cyprus. Zoi holds a BA in Public Relations, Communication & Marketing from the University of Indianapolis and a MSc in Management from the Cyprus International Institute of Management (CIIM). [... read more...]

Ilektra Liberopoulou, Marketing & Comm. Manager, Global Sustain
Ilektra serves as Marketing & Communications Manager at Global Sustain. She is responsible for corporate communications and advertising, while she is also involved in company’s publications. Ilektra has also worked for Livanis Publication Group, other publication companies and TV networks, with special focus on international affairs and economy. [ more...]

Costis Catsakioris, Client Relations Director, Global Sustain
Costis is certified by the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI), and a member of the Social Return on Investment (SROI) Network also member of local and international corporate responsibility and sustainability networks and organizations. [... read more...]

Vasia Logotheti, Business Development Manager, Global Sustain
Vasia is responsible for the management of the company’s business development department. [ more...]

Constantina Batsari, Advisory and Project  Manager, Global Sustain
Constantina is responsible for the management of the company’s sustainability advisory department. Her role includes developing, coordinating and facilitating sustainable development projects for enterprises and research for sustainability trends and best practices. [ more...]

Sofia Charisi, Administrative & Financial Officer, Global Sustain
Sofia serves as Accounting & Administration Officer at Global Sustain. She is responsible for the operation of accounting department as well as for secretarial duties. [ more...]

Foteini Tsoli, Membership Officer, Global Sustain
Foteini serves as Membership Officer at Global Sustain. She has the exclusive management of members (requests, posts, drafting accounts) and she is responsible for the website uploads and design. [ more...]

Sokratis Chitas, Advisory and Project Consultant, Global Sustain
Sokratis Chitas is Advisory and Project Consultant at Global Sustain. He contributes to the implementation of projects on sustainability, corporate responsibility and sustainable development. [ more...]

Christina Zachakou, Advisory and Project Consultant, Global Sustain
Christina Zachakou is an Advisory and Project Consultant at Global Sustain. One of her main tasks is to contribute actively in the implementation of CSR & Sustainability Projects. [ more...]

Feri Maksutova, Advisory and Project Consultant, Global Sustain
Feri Maksutova serves as an Advisory and Project Consultant at Global Sustain. She contributes to the implementation of projects on urban sustainability, corporate responsibility and sustainable development, with self-experience in waste management, recycling, renewable energy and municipal projects (public organizations). [ more...]