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Municipal Waste Europe A.I.S.B.L.

Member: NGO Free
Since: 22.10.2012

Rue des Deux Eglises 26/5, B-1000 Brussels, Belgium


Municipal Waste Europe aisbl is a non-profit association which represents European municipalities and their waste management companies toward the European Institutions, in their responsibility to manage municipal waste. The members of Municipal Waste Europe represent 14 Member States of the European Union, through national public waste associations, which serve over 60% and up to 95% of their national population.

One of the key issues for the European municipalities is the promotion of the responsibility of local and regional authorities for waste management as a service of general interest. Throughout Europe, municipalities are responsible for the recovery of material resources from European households.

The members of Municipal Waste Europe therefore play a pivotal role in driving Europe to becoming more resource-efficient. In effect, the members of Municipal Waste Europe form the bridge between the actors in resource efficiency, recovering materials from citizens and making them available to producers once again.