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Member: Silver
Since: 30.04.2013
Hellenic Electricity Distribution Network Operator S.A.

20, Perraivou & 5, Kallirrois Street, GR-117 43 Athens, Greece

Corporate - Social

HEDNO is the Hellenic Electricity Distribution Network Operator and, therefore, provides all the necessary services for the operation, maintenance and development of the Network so as to assure its good operation and to satisfy relevant requests and needs of the participants in the Electricity Market. At the same time, HEDNO provides management services to the non-interconnected islands including generation management as well as market and electricity systems operation. 

In HEDNO, Corporate Social Responsibility is directly attached with the Company's Strategy for development while providing positive aspects for the Economy, Society, Environment and Culture.

Under this strategy, HEDNO has initiated the implementation of a very important work based on the following main pillars: society, customers, collaborators, suppliers, contractors, employees and environment. HEDNO'S goal is to equally distribute it’s interest in these main strategic categories promoting cooperation in multiple levels. 
  • HEDNO'S main Corporate Goals are to further upgrade the power supply quality and provision of services to its customers, sufficient and in time development of the Network, modernization and economic quality. At the same time, HEDNO’s priority is the assurance of equal and transparent access of all interested Consumers, Suppliers and Producers to Electricity Networks and Retail Electricity Market.
  • Constant aims of the Corporate are the aesthetic intervention on the networks, protection of the wild fauna and natural resources of the country in cooperation with ecological organizations, as well as the protection of environment with actions such as tree pruning, clearing of adjacent vegetation around networks, installation of insulated cables, use of synthetic insulators to prevent air pollution and the application of integrated waste management policy. HEDNO has already implemented measures that have led to the reduction of the environmental footprint of it's Corporate buildings so as to save energy and reduce the volume of waste.
  • The coordination for common actions between executives, personnel and social bodies guarantees and assures the successful outcome of the action programs with the goal to provide a feeling of relief from the difficult social problems that people or social groups face through either financial support or provision of services and know-how. Furthermore, non-governmental organizations and social bodies are within the spectrum of interest of HEDNO's Corporate Social Responsibility pursuing the fulfillment of expectations concerning the improvement of communication, successful outcome of joint solidarity programs, as well as the enhancement of their social work.
  • As far as the personnel is concerned, HEDNO intensifies and continues the efforts for maintaining and assuring a proper work environment with equal opportunities in career evolution providing opportunities for "lifelong learning", development of skills and knowledge through intra-corporate educational programs, as well as special education programs; while, at the same time, scientific-educational speeches are organized and the participation of the employees in conferences-seminars of external bodies is encouraged.  Finally, HEDNO cares for issues relative to Health and Safety at Work (employees' preventive check-ups, upgrading the role of Safety Technicians in all Units etc.).