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Greek Horse Protection Association

Member: NGO Free
Since: 21.10.2013

79, Filiati Street, GR-194 00 Koropi, Attica, Greece


The Greek Horse Protection Association  (E.S.P.I.), was founded in 2006 in order to protect horses from abuse and torture, to ease their pain with love and care and to inform citizens about the Greeks correct behavior and response.

The reason for its creation was a complaint of 64 animals were living in deplorable conditions in a property in Aspropyrgos and that most of them destined for slaughterhouses in Italy .. Most of them, after many treatments, were given up for adoption, while those who were in serious condition stayed at Association and are still on the premises where they live a happy, carefree life, with a particular course grooming.

Later we moved to our facilities in Koropi wherewe can lairage 10 horses in indoor stalls and many more in outer paddocks total approximately 17 horses.

Current issues that concern us are: Changing the Greek legislation in regards to Equidae considered the now current ownership, their bosses and their behavior independently owned and conditions. This is very difficult for us to remove animals by < villains > owners when absolutely necessary and risk their lives.

We try to ensure financial assistance from the State, which is also the first responsible for the solution of this problem we undertook voluntarily.

As for the meat trade, that cannot stop, we can certainly introduce controls to the transport of animals, according to the conditions set by law and accompanied by acceptable official documents.

We are trying to find sponsors , large and small to support us financially.

We come into contact with similar bodies in the European Union to obtain information and assistance from their experience. Some of them offer us sometimes a little token financial assistance.

We organize events, mainly of a social nature, to strengthen our finances.

We organize a group of volunteers who will help greatly to our work.

The Association is totally dependent on the financial support of members, registration and fees, their adoption and fostering and donations from friends.

Our effort is to be able to secure the financial support of the State, namely the Ministry of Rural Development, European Union programs and support from similar organizations abroad.

So far  ESPI has not received any subsidy either from Europe or from the State.

The Greek Association for Equine Welfare, was recognized by the Court in Athens in April 2007 . The Council consists of nine members and two alternates and is elected every two years.