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Member: NGO Free
Since: 09.04.2014

85, Vouliagmenis Av., 166 74 Glufada, Greece


Moirazomai is the first solidarity online platform. It was founded in December 2013 in order to bring together people in need and people who wish to share. Moirazomai makes this happen in the most transparent way possible. The needs are collected, recorded and after thorough verification published on our website . This way, everyone can see all the needs, choose the one that can and wants to meet and get involved as much as he/she wishes. Moirazomai never collects goods. Without intermediaries everyone can help directly the one in need.

Select the need you wish to cover
Push the ‘magic’ button, ‘I wish to share’ and the contact information is displayed, for each family or NGO
Communicate directly with the family or the organization and cover the need
Moirazomai is not only based on material goods, but also on services and volunteering. ‘Exist means coexist. Ask for what you need. Share anything you can’

Happiness… is sharing