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Swarovskistraße 30 Wattens, 6112 , Austria


Perfection, excellence, and innovation; the key principles set out in 1895 by Daniel Swarovski when he founded his crystal cutting business, and which remain Swarovski’s fundamental ethos nearly 120 years later

These principles have guided the company to international success and underpinned Swarovski’s inventions and designs as the benchmark of quality within the crystal, fashion, and lifestyle industries. First established in Wattens in Tyrol, Austria, what was once a small crystal manufacturer has become a global group that remains family-run, currently managed by fifth generation Swarovski family members. In 2012, the company recorded a global annual turnover of 2.4 billion euros, distributing its products throughout nearly 170 countries, and employing more than 25,000 people across the world

With a rich history and culture of creativity, the company has enjoyed sustained growth in recent years and is eager to maintain its position as a leader in design and technological innovation. Today, Swarovski has several divisions; Swarovski Professional (which creates and manufactures crystals for use in sectors such as fashion, jewelry, accessories, interior design, and lighting), Swarovski Gems™ (which offers a wide range of made-to-measure precious stones and faceted stones using materials of the highest quality), Atelier Swarovski (which collaborates with fashion designers, jewelers, and internationally renowned designers to create original accessories), Swarovski Entertainment (the group’s cinema division which discovers new talent and establishes partnerships with major names in the industry, as well as financing and producing original feature films), Swarovski Lighting (which produces lighting related products and provides tailored solutions for architects and designers), and Swarovski Kristallwelten (a visitor attraction which combines crystal with art in Wattens, Austria).

In terms of consumer goods, Swarovski Finished Products has a dominant position in the group (accounting for 70% of global turnover), thanks to its jewelry, accessories, watches, and interior design pieces, which hold a unique place in the fashion and design world.

Designed in Swarovski’s Paris studio, the collections for women and, most recently, men, have become known for their signature style, beauty, and sparkle. Over the past forty years, Swarovski’s collections have enabled it to establish its identity as a premium brand while maintaining an attractive price range between mainly EUR 70 and 130 Euros. The company’s desire to remain accessible while providing beauty and quality is underpinned by Swarovski’s , combined with style and modernity. 

Today, Swarovski is the third largest global jewelry brand and the world leader in fashion jewelry. "Last year, Swarovski sold nearly 30 million pieces (one piece every two seconds) and, during the period between 2005 and 2011, we tripled our production capacity," explains Robert Buchbauer, CEO and Member of the Executive Board. In 2012, jewelry represented 75% of net sales of Swarovski end-consumer finished products globally. 

Swarovski’s global and nationwide results are also due to its extensive distribution network. The first Swarovski boutique opened in 1999, and today the brand has more than 2,350 stores worldwide, an average of more than 157 store openings per year. In addition, the brand also has a presence in nearly 8,000 Multibrand sales outlets. 

Since 2008, Swarovski has implemented its "Crystal Forest" architectural concept throughout its boutiques: "In 2015, the majority of our current distribution network (featuring the "Red & Blue" theme) will be fitted with the Crystal Forest concept," Robert Buchbauer confirms.Swarovski is synonymous with sparkle and is a brand that encapsulates many different facets from tradition through to avant-garde, glamour and trend. This is a company that has asserted its position as a major economic player and continues to be a key style influencer in the fashion jewelry, and lifestyle industries.

"SWAROVSKI - A global success story"