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Biopolitics International Organisation

Member: NGO Free
Since: 18.07.2014

10, Tim. Vassou Str., GR-115 21 Athens, Greece


A brief history of Β.I.O. 

The Biopolitics International Organisation (B.I.O.) was founded by Professor Agni Vlavianos Arvanitis in 1985, out of the urgent need to raise awareness of current environmental problems, and to accelerate the implementation of new and more effective approaches to safeguarding the earth for the generations to come. 

The term “biopolitics” was created out of love for biology and the belief that bios – life – is a link that unites all people. With representatives in 165 countries around the world, B.I.O. has been one of the fastest growing environmental organisations. Focusing on the development of international policy – biopolicy – to guarantee global environmental harmony and just economic growth, the B.I.O. has dedicated a major portion of its work to the promotion of the fundamental human right to live in a clean environment. Furthermore, in strong belief that education holds the key to our future, B.I.O. has launched a biocentric educational programme, outside the confines of conventional environmental science, with the aim of achieving environmentally-literate global citizens. Within this framework, respect for the environment and all forms of life becomes the major component of every action and thought.

The International University for the Bio-Environment (I.U.B.E.), an international Environmental Olympics campaign, a long list of publications on global environmental policy issues, as well as a series of conferences and special events have, over the past seventeen years, defined the Biopolitics International Organisation. It is our hope that, as you get to know us through these pages, you too will chose to join us in our effort to make this world a better place for the future.

Global impact 

The Biopolitics International Organisation (B.I.O.) is an non-profit, non-governmental organisation, founded in Athens, in 1985. Over the course of its history, B.I.O. has been promoting a shift from an anthropocentric to a biocentric system of values in society, in order to curb environmental destruction and place appreciation of the environment at the core of every human endeavour. With Greece as its operating basis, B.I.O. has gained international acclaim, and leading academics and decision-makers in 165 countries currently support its ideals and have dedicated their efforts to their world-wide propagation. B.I.O. has held numerous international conferences and symposia, paving the way for the development of new strategies to secure environmental protection as a primary societal aim.

In the global effort to save the environment and life on our planet, new models are seriously needed. B.I.O. focuses on a wider scope of environmental preservation – one which integrates the environment into all social and economic schemes – providing guidelines that will enrich environmental protection strategies with a view to the future. The concept of sustainability is expanding, but not enough. If a new vision – beyond sustainable development – is not immediately implemented, there is a danger of perpetuating and not eliminating the mistakes of the past. B.I.O. has been promoting this vision since 1985, and has developed series of proposals for the enhancement of environmental protection on a world-wide level.