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Association of Families and Friends for the Mental Health of the County of Serres (SOFPSI. N. Serron)

Member: NGO Free
Since: 30.10.2014

13Α Tsalopoulou Str., 621 22 Serres, Greece


The Association of Families and Friends for the Mental Health of the County of Serres - Greece (SOFPSI N. Serron) is a user/family-run, non-governmental, non-profit, not state-funded, volunteer-based, certified organization that empowers people with mental disabilities and their families and advocates for shaping an inclusive society without stigma and discriminations.

It is founded in 1998 to fill the gap in public mental health services providing support and continuity of care, especially after the hospitalization of the people who have a psychiatric experience and to develop real tangible hope and opportunities for inclusion to the misunderstood people challenged by mental health-related barriers and to their families, as well as opportunities to the community to eliminate shameful walls of exclusion.

So, its primary targets are the sensitization of the community through many opened actions raising awareness about mental health issues and eliminating the social stigma resting upon the mental illnesses as well as the re-integration and psychosocial–vocational rehabilitation of people facing psychiatric disabilities and the defense of their human rights in order to be able to improve their social position, to fulfill on their way their personal recovery, dreams and targets and to enjoy their social life as equal members of the society.

SOFPSI N. Serron is registered in the National Registries of the Greek Ministry of Health and Social Solidarity and in the Special Register of voluntary, non-government organizations (NGO). It is also a Certified Body for the Provision of Social Care Services, while it had been awarded twice by the Greek Ministry of Health and Social Solidarity for its voluntary work and special offer in the field of mental health. Additionally, many of its innovating actions have been recognized and awarded as good practices in a European level.

During the 16 years of its operation in the sensitive field of mental health, SOFPSI N. Serron has developed various actions at a local as well as at a national level.

More particularly, it achieves its aims via:
  • The development and the training of a powerful network of volunteers
  • The frequent organization of lectures, conferences, speeches, 4-day Festivals devoted to the World Mental Health Day, psycho-educational interventions specially addressed  to the educational community and other target groups, as Mass Media etc, and TV as well as radio transmissions referred to mental health issues
  • The realization of Annual Pan-hellenic Training Seminars for users of mental health services, their family members-carers and mental health providers in a national level
  • The participation of its members in congresses held in Greece and abroad
  • The development of various innovate actions throughout Greece, as the 2-years lasting action called “The Caravan of Truth”
  • The publication of a quarterly magazine, an annual album-calendar, mental health rehabilitation-related manuals and various information leaflets as well as the production of books, self-help guides, fairytales, DVDs, CDs and audiovisual spots
  • The development of daily supportive, educational and creative-occupational activities groups leaded by volunteers of various professions and expertise addressed to the people with psychiatric disabilities
  • The evolvement of psycho-educational and empowering groups for the caregivers of mentally ill people leaded by volunteers specialized psychologists, psychiatrists and layers
  • The organization of empowering groups against depression and anxiety disorders addressed to the vulnerable people or groups because of the current social-economic climate and leaded by specially skilled professionals of mental health
  • The creation of real opportunities for mental health services users social integration and connection with the local community, such as outings, parties, excursions, 8-day summer holidays, 5-day outdoor Artwork Exhibition, bazaars, open-air events, theatre as well as puppetry performances etc
  • The development advocacy and self-advocacy actions for people with psychiatric experiences human rights promotion and protection
  • The collaboration with Local and Governmental Authorities as well as with Greek (ESAMEA, POSOPSI etc) and foreign (W.H.O, W.A.P.R., EUFAMI, GAMIAN-EUROPE, WFSAD etc) partner  organizations
  • The persistent seeking for donors, grants and financial support by institutions, organizations, corporations or individuals in order to be able to continue its multiple voluntary social offer