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Emfasis Foundation

Member: NGO Free
Since: 11.03.2015

Mesologgiou 52, Dafni, 172 34 Athens, Greece

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Emfasis Foundation was founded in April 2013 by a team of Greek citizens living overseas, who work hand in hand with social experts and volunteers based in Athens, Greece to address the holistic needs of all vulnerable and socially excluded groups (homeless, people below the poverty line, users of illegal substances, unaccompanied/working children) in need of social, psychological, family support in the wider area of Athens. Emfasis uses the principles of Social Street Work as its main way of approach and identification of such groups. 

Emfasis is a non-profit organization relying entirely on private and individual funding. Emfasis does not receive any funding from governmental or public entities, nor is integrated in any financial or investment funding package that burdens the Greek or European taxpayer. The only way to implement its mission is to have the real support of those who believe in its vision. 

Furthermore, we pioneer and run special projects and campaigns which have a direct positive impact on human needs, such as:

“Emfasis on Health”:  Βy offering Health Cards with free medical examinations and a medical evaluation to those who don’t have health insurance
Changing the Past – Dental Restoration” for former prohibited substance users and socially excluded with a proven record of re-integration process
Winter & Spring Campaigns which aim to relieve the homeless and those below the poverty line
Synathina & “Social Support Corner” where we provide a wide range of services, such as information about Social institutions with benefits (Clinics, Day Centers, Soup Kitchens, Homeless shelters etc.), legal counseling and employment advisory as well as food, clothing, survival kits etc.
Events for enhancing the public awareness regarding homelessness in Greece. Events take place both in Greece and overseas 
Mobile Support Unit & Emergency Relief during extreme weather conditions
Be the Miracle – Pedro Arrupe: Τhrough creative expression & development activities, we provide psychological support to children, who receive additional tuition and educational support in the center