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Initiative for Heritage Conservation

Member: NGO Free
Since: 15.06.2015

20 Markora str., 11141 Athens, Greece

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Our mission

Recognizing the value of human heritage as a driving force behind civilization’s finest aspirations and collective conscience, the Initiative for Heritage Conservation is committed to realizing the full potential of the world’s heritage, as a source of learning, enriched cultural identity and resilient economic development.

The IHC achieves its mission through a unique interdisciplinary program that focuses on capacity building through continuing professional development, research and education. In addition to heritage management, the IHC trains professionals in the essential tools of digitization, public engagement and site promotion for cultural and economic development. The IHC is the locus of multiple global expert networks addressing the need to improve the legal protection of heritage sites, create applications for digitizing heritage and mitigate the effects of climate change and other environmental threats to the management of monuments.

Our vision

The IHC will be an integral part in and catalyst of the international development and implementation of good practices in heritage management for the benefit of the world’s heritage. In the next decade one-third of the world's known heritage sites will benefit from these good practices. 

Our objectives

The IHC was founded to foster effective, proactive heritage management worldwide. The IHC seeks to:
  • Advance heritage stewardship as a distinct career option for young professionals;
  • Develop and expand the network of heritage management professionals around the world;
  • Preserve and sustain heritage sites by increasing the efficiency and effectiveness of heritage management;
  • Maximize cultural and economic benefits of heritage for local communities;
  • Enhance public appreciation and support of heritage; 
  • Broaden public awareness of critical heritage concerns; and
  • Influence public policy in support of heritage issues.

The IHC hopes to create a ripple effect, by which the professionals and students from around the world who have trained with the IHC will have a growing, far-reaching impact on heritage management.