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Member: NGO Free
Since: 23.06.2015

14 klm Thessaloniki - Nea Anhialos, Ionia, 570 08, P.O. Box 488 Thessaloniki, Greece

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Afixis is an educational non-profit organisation with the purpose of designing and creating pioneer educational programs for students of all ages.

At the core of our educational programs lies the realisation that education should cover the individual needs of the students and provide them with the means of cultivating their own talents.

The idea for the creation of such an organisation came from Giota Skiathiti and Thomas M. Tsoulias, two Law School students, when, after the successful completion of their Protagoras Court Simulation for high school students, they decided to intensify their efforts and proceed with educational innovations for all ages and across all scientific fields.

The organisation began its operations in May of 2014 and today its team is compromised of more than 20 university students and professors from different scientific fields, who combine their knowledge and experience for the realisation of Afixis’ mission.