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P.C.E.R. CPE PCER Ecosystem Hellas

Member: NGO Free
Since: 03.12.2015

28, Alexandras Ave., 10683 Athens, Greece


36 years of struggle
for the environment 
and the consumer 
for quality of life


7 June 1979: A group of scientists concerned about the problems created by rapid and unplanned development of the country decided to establish the first independent, dynamic social organization, giving it the name P.C.E.R. (PANHELLENIC CENTER OF ENVIRONMENTAL RESEARCHES).

After 36 years this institution deemed worthy from its efforts for a better quality of life, has created the prerequisites for the political leaders to change their way of thinking and the way they handle the ecological problems.

During 36 years, P.C.E.R. create two more institutions,  CPE  PCER and  ECOSYSTEM HELLAS.  CPE PCER forms and aims the educational policy of P.C.E.R. and ECOSYSTEM HELLAS the environmental policy of P.C.E.R, responsible for the laboratory investigations throughout Greece.

P.C.E.R., CPE PCER & ECOSYSTEM HELLAS for 36 years, are the only organizations producing their own raw data to juxtapose disguised data of each government party machine.

P.C.E.R., CPE PCER & ECOSYSTEM HELLAS are the organizations that followed through and inflicted the observation of the word ”development” and from the point of view called “environmental impact”.

P.C.E.R., CPE PCER & ECOSYSTEM HELLAS are the organizations that managed to break the status quo and give connotation to the term “quality of life”.

Of course there is still a long way for the achievement of the goals that have been set from the beginning and during the thirty six years course. Of course, the faces change, but the institution of P.C.E.R P.C.E.R., CPE PCER & ECOSYSTEM HELLAS with their stable and unshakeable political view, remained and will remain a beacon of hope for the thousands of their supporters.


P.C.E.R., CPE PCER & ECOSYSTEM HELLAS are non-profit organizations of the private sector and their major aim is the improvement of the quality of the environment and the consumer's protection.

They have organized scientific laboratories and groups of experts and researchers for the study of environmental problems and in order to provide integrated and feasible solutions to environmental issues.

Moreover, they make efforts to attain the public opinion’s interest concerning environmental issues via educational seminars, instruction campaigns, newspapers, printed matter and TV and radio broadcasts.

Fields of interest of P.C.E.R., CPE PCER & ECOSYSTEM HELLAS cover a broad range of activities:
  • Measurements of pollution – pollution in the sea, air and the land, in drinking water and food.
  • Impacts of pollution on ecosystems and to public health
  • Quality of work environment
  • Management and protection of forests, habitats and endangered species
  • Application of alternative energy sources
  • Management of waste and toxic substances
  • Environmental studies
  • Educational  programs  in  the  fields  of  environment,  energy and food management
  • Control and disposal of ecological agricultural products

During their long-lasting trail, P.C.E.R., CPE PCER & ECOSYSTEM HELLAS have developed international relations with institutes and organizations such as WWF, EPA, GSF, NAUMANN, BBC. They are also members of UNEP, ECOROPA, IFOAM and IUCN for a better management and protection of the environment.

The persistent and effective presence of P.C.E.R., CPE PCER & ECOSYSTEM HELLAS in diverse environmental issues are continually gaining ground at national level and have therefore to be regarded as three of the most serious and independent operators in the environmental sector.

Staff specialties and Organization chart:

A. Board of Directors
President: Panagiotis Christodoulakis - Chemist – Geologist Ph.D 
Vice President A΄: Athanasios Petrogiannis – Civil Engineer 
Vice President Β΄: Grigoris Maltezos - Economist
General Secretary: Konstantinos Soldatos – Doctor
Special Secretary: Natalia Christodoulaki - Sanitarian

B. Scientific Council
President: Ilias Pantazopoulos – Special Cardiologist, Director of Medical Center of Athens
Vice President: Spiros Oikonomidis – Lecturer 
General Secretary: Georgios Afrodakos – Lecturer
Members: Emmanouil Christodoulakis – Chemical Engineer 
                  Stefanos Giakoumatos – Chemical Engineer 

C. Secretary
Polixeni Tsiotinou

D. Public Relations
Georgios Papadakis - Consultant

E. Department of Law
Nikos Constantopoulos 
Pericles Stavrianakis 
Dimitris Filipopoulos
Vassiliki Chavela

F. Research Department
Stelios Liodakis – Lecturer 
Danuta Stilpnopoulou – Chemist 
Despoina Stamataki - Biologist

G. Tutorial Department
Georgios Afrodakos - Lecturer

H. Newspaper Release
Stefanos Goulatis

I. Technical Support / PCs
Nikitas Christodoulakis