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Member: NGO Free
Since: 18.10.2016
Bloode's Online Community

Ploutarchou 17-19, Kolonaki, 10675 Athens, Greece


Bloode's Online Community

Through Bloode’s online service, you can create, promote and satisfy real time, ongoing calls for blood, in order to save patients who need blood transfusion. You don’t have to be a blood donor to join Bloode, all you need to do is share the ongoing calls for blood, get informed about our actions and learn about  blood donation. This is your chance to help and support our efforts, in order to save even more lives. Become a member today!

Blood Calls

With Bloode you are now able to create, share and satisfy real-time, ongoing calls for blood to save patients requiring blood transfusion. This is your chance to donate blood and save somebody’s life.


Now you have the chance to participate in various events and activities organized by Bloode across Greece, aiming to raise social awareness, foster volunteerism and  respond effectively to the need for blood.


Do you know what happens to your blood after donating? Do you know the reasons why blood donation is good for your health? Stay tuned at Bloode’s Blog and learn all about blood donation.