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Hellenic Book Club

Member: NGO Free
Since: 13.03.2017

Hadrian 3, New Psychiko, 15451 , Greece


The Hellenic Book Club (HBC) is a cultural, voluntary, non-profit- organization. It was established in 1977 and is administered by an eleven- membered committee. Through its many-sided work it travels into the world of knowledge having exclusively as its compass quality, the whole man, the new civilization. 

Our plan of navigation
  • The passion for the good book
  • Its promotion and propagation
  • The fostering of reading
  • The renewal of the relationship with knowledge, inspiration, entertainment, a good book can offer
  • The strengthening of the creative communication with the readers
  • The connection of the book with everyday life
  • The promotion of the modern face of Greece which reads, medicates, fights.
  • The offering of a deed of civilization
A unique system of evaluating from readers to readers 8.500 choices make the difference. The particular contribution of the Hellenic Book Club to the books of quality is based on a unique in the field system of evaluating. In order to be evaluated, books are read by common people who love reading, show discernment and are sensitive. Thus, the evaluation is conducted by readers, it is addressed to readers, and expresses itself within the wide range of our magazine “Book and Life”, covering the entire range of civilization. With the help of this system the HBC evaluates, chooses, and recommends 8.500 book titles - 430 different kinds for each reader - from 560 publishing houses. 

Our work, a journey in life and culture

The Hellenic Book Club, dedicated with passion to the world of knowledge, develops a notable work for the promotion of a book of quality as a tool and a vehicle of civilization. Its action is expressing itself in various ways through 24 programs and 2,000 cultural festivities.
  • 660 lending libraries with high readability, mostly for villages at the frontier or isolated ones in Greece as well as abroad.
  • 650 book exhibitions covering the whole range of knowledge 
  • the publishing of the magazine “Book and Life”
  • 660 events “Let’s discuss with a book”
  • The European Union projects Athena, Leucippus, Prometheus
  • 150 Book Weeks
  • Book loving readers’ action in Greece and abroad
  • Creative libraries “Philostratus”
  • the publishing of “Scattered Birds”
  • 100 educational - entertainment activities
  • Cultural excursions
  • Book festivals