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K2 - Insurance Risk Management Consultants

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Since: 20.03.2017

Vouliagmenis Av. 90, Glyfada, 166 74 Athens, Greece

Corporate Profile

K2-Insurance Risk Management Consultants started its "journey" in 1989, setting from the outset an uncompromising goal which is enclosed in its name: K2 Οn top of customer’s service. The famous peak of the Himalaya, the most difficult mountaineering conquest of Earth, is the dream of leading mountaineers.

So, as they stand determined to tame any difficulty occurred on their way to the top, K2 with equal determination has been trying to lead its customers securely to their personal top, as a fellow traveler and connoisseur of all parameters and risks that threaten him.

The role of the insurance consultant in this process is crucial and catalytic and regards the functionality of every insurance relationship. 

This constitutes the intermediate link between the insured who seeks the fullest guarantee with the lowest possible cost, and the technical departments of insurance companies who require absolute and thorough briefing for the risks they undertake. 

The risks involved are many and complex, while the knowledge and their management require experience, continuous training, and constant contact with the customer.

K2 is focused exactly on this, having deep awareness that every business, professional or family, has a distinct personality and different needs. 

So, as each top is unique, equally unique are each of our proposals.

Working continuously on this, we cooperate with the largest insurance groups in Greece and abroad, designing and implementing special programmes, focused on the exclusive needs of each client.

At the same time we promote in the most efficient way, according to our viewpoint, corporate and social responsibility activities through special nationwide group programs that bring large groups of population into contact with insurance products, absolutely necessary for the protection of their assets.

Our insurance route continues having as an ultimate value the continuous improvement and offer of our best for our customer’s service.