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Member: Society Free
Since: 31.07.2019
Non-profit organization in Athens

Panepistimou 34, 106 79 Athens, Greece


We grew up wanting to look like our beloved heroes, admiring their generosity, ethos and the power of self-sacrifice. The heroes for us were those who saved people, animals, even the planet itself.

YouBeHero is the new Greek online platform that enables those who do their shopping online to become the daily heroes of non-profit organizations by providing valuable assistance.

It is a fundraising platform for charities. Through online shopping, consumers contribute to the organizations of their choice free of charge.

Funds do not come directly from the supporter but indirectly.

We basically act as the intermediary between the buyer / consumer that shops online and the eshop. Every purchase generates a commission. From this commission, we give 75% to the charity of user’s choice. In Greece, we spend over 5 billion euros a year shopping online for products and services. Let’s imagine that on average a 2% commission ended up to the charities that need it without costing you anything.

That is 100 million euros to those who need it, the people, the animals we share this planet with, and the nature we so much suffers because of us.

With YouBeHero, every online purchase will have positive impact!

Our vision through YouBeHero is to create a win-win situation for all and to see organizations flourish while achieving their goals.

See our world changing. Because of you.