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Report or Explain Campaign Forum

Global Sustain becomes a Member of the Report or Explain Campaign Forum

The Report or Explain Campaign Forum is open to all who believe that sustainability reporting is necessary and beneficial – that companies should reveal their performance or the reasons why they don’t.

There are many ways to do this, for example through regulation. Sustainability reporting does not necessarily need to be mandatory: If regulators were to adopt a report or explain policy, companies could still be free to choose what information to disclose. Such an approach could persuade more companies to report rather than to explain why they don’t, and provide markets and society with information to judge their choices.

The Report or Explain Campaign Forum tracks global initiatives to advance the goal of mainstreaming environmental, social and governance disclosure. The Forum has the latest news about how organizations are pursuing their plans towards the goal of a widespread ‘report or explain’ culture.

The Forum gathers and shares vital information about:
  • Where and how sustainability reporting is building momentum and increasing in popularity
  • Where and how minimum environmental, social and governance disclosure regulation has been advocated or implemented
  • Where and how regulatory measures complement voluntary and private initiatives
  • Where and how perspectives are shifting from asking “Why do you report” to “Why don’t you report ?”
The Campaign Forum is championed by a wide range of organizations. Campaign Forum participants advance the sustainability reporting agenda in a number of ways:
  • Organizations can join and contribute to the Campaign Forum, sharing information on developments and initiatives on the disclosure of sustainability information
  • Companies can show support publicly for the Report or Explain Campaign Forum
  • Committed individuals and civil society can call on companies and regulators for a substantial change on disclosure and transparency
  • Governments can initiate minimum sustainability disclosure regulation
Climate change and demographics are changing the fundamentals of our economy – we need to look forward and use different information to inform our decisions. Markets will be threatened by new factors and success measured against tomorrow’s needs.
 Pioneers of sustainability reporting had to present the business case for disclosing their performance data. To drive change, we need to shift the question from “Why do you report?” to “Why don’t you report?”
Establishing basic sustainability disclosure requirements brings clear benefits - for business, investors and society at large: 
  • Measuring sustainability performance enables organizations to identify opportunities to improve operations, and avoid risks to the long-term value of your organization
  • The ability to manage sustainability impacts helps organizations preserve and increase their value
  • Investors and analysts gain vital insight into organizational performance, and optimal investment potential
  • Transparency increases trust - stakeholders and civil society can respond to comparable and standardized information
  • Organizations can mitigate negative impacts
Click here to see the Report or Explain Campaign Forum members and learn more about their activity.

​It’s a joint effort: The Report or Explain Campaign Forum aims to increase organizational transparency worldwide. Campaign Partners can drive a report or explain approach to regulating sustainability reporting. These web pages track the Forum’s progress, including information on new policies and regulation around the world.

Become a Campaign Forum Member
By joining the Forum, organizations can connect and network to help build momentum and support for campaigns. Does your organization have a related campaign? Do you want to connect it to the Forum? Send an email to: with:
  • a statement or quote, of 150 or fewer words, supporting sustainability-related disclosure and the Report or Explain Campaign Forum
  • your logo and authorization to use it
  • the link to your website - or section of your website where your campaign/policy/activity on sustainability reporting, disclosure and transparency is profiled
  • any further info you would like on your organization’s webpage.
GRI will contact you and add your information to the Campaign Forum members' page.

Contribute information
You can also help build the Forum’s initiatives worldwide section by contributing updates. Have you spotted a new policy? Do state-owned companies in your country have to report or explain why not? Have you read, or contributed to, peer-reviewed research on this topic? To submit updates, please fill in the form and send it to: