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Hellenic Network for Corporate Social Responsibility

Member: NGO Free
Since: 26.03.2007

61, Akadimias Street (office 25, 4th floor), GR-106 79 Athens, Greece


The Hellenic Network for Corporate Social Responsibility is a business-driven membership non-profit organisation. Our mission is to promote the meaning of Corporate Social Responsibility to both the business community and the social environment, with the overall objective being a balance between profitability and sustainable development.

In May 1994, a group of European Business Managers signed the "European Business Declaration of businesses against social exclusion" to look for ways to enhance their social responsibility. The result of this declaration was the creation of the European Business Network for Social Cohesion in 1995. One of the key targets of this Network was to support the creation of relevant National Networks. In November 1999, thirteen big Greek companies and three of the biggest business associations signed a declaration for the creation of the "Hellenic Network for Social Cohesion". The charter of the resulting non-profit company was submitted to the Athens Court of First Instance on June 15, 2000 where it was registered under registration number 10147/29.6.2000. Since then the charter has been amended twice. One of these amendments comprised the changing of the name of the Network to "Hellenic Network for Corporate Social Responsibility". After a decision taken during a General Meeting of the Network's members on November 27, 2002, by undertaking the necessary legal actions the Network changed its legal status to non-profit association and was registered by the Athens Court of First Instance under registration number 24483/9.4.2003 with the same name and distinct title.


General Assembly
The General Assembly is comprised of one representative from each member. Today, more than 80 Business General Managers, HR Managers, Corporate and Public Affairs Managers, and Business Associations representatives participate in regular and extraordinary general assemblies to decide about the materialisation of the targets of the Network.

Board of Directors
The Board of Directors is made up from seven members elected by the General Assembly and has a three-year term. The Board chooses its Chairman, Vice-Chairman and Cashier and is responsible for the planning and implementation of the Network's activities.

Auditing Committee
The Auditing Committee is comprised of three members elected from the General Assembly and has a three-year term. It audits both the activities of the Network and their expenses.

Administration Office
The Administration Office is responsible for the execution of the day-to-day works and the implementation of the activities decided by the Board of Directors.

Working Groups
The implementation of the action plan of the Network is supported by the voluntary co-operation of the representatives of its members who, depending on current needs, form work groups for the implementation of specific projects.

In order to fulfil its Mission, the Network has set the following objectives:

  • Continuous updating and dissemination of information on the concept of CSR.
  • Networking and collaboration with enterprises, unions and other organisations at all levels for the exchange and dissemination of information.
  • Raising the awareness of the business community and the general public on enterprise social activities and contributions at the local, national and international level.
  • Mobilisation and development of collaborations for the promotion of joint social projects and the combating of social problems.
  • Transfer, adaptation and dissemination of best practice in the area of social cohesion and CSR.
  • Promotion of all enterprise activities conducted for the accomplishment of Network objectives.

The Network's priorities are:

  • The registering of projects and best practice developed by Greek enterprises in the area of CSR, the philosophy behind them, their main objectives, the methodologies used and their achieved results.
  • Collection and archiving of new data regarding CSR.
  • Raising awareness and supporting enterprises, specially the SMEs in their effort to develop a CSR philosophy.
  • Support and dissemination of the European Alliance for CSR.
  • Attraction and enrolment of new members to the Network.
  • The development of collaborations with public organisations.

Among others, the Network's current activities are the following:

  • Elaboration of a quantitative study on CSR in Greece and a parallel research of public opinion on the issue.
  • Active participation in EU programmes (such as Equal Programmes).
  • Recording of CSR programmes implemented in Greece and publication of a special booklet about these programmes.
  • Dissemination of best practice implemented in Europe in some of the CSR areas.
  • Active collaboration with universities, business, governmental and other institutions.
  • Creation of a newsletter for better communication between the members of the Network and the wider community.

Today, the Hellenic Network for CSR has approximately 130 members.