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WIND Hellas Telecommunications S.A.

Member: Gold
Since: 01.10.2007
Mobile ● Fixed ● Internet

66, Kifissias Avenue, GR-151 25 Maroussi, Athens, Greece


I want to know about WIND
WIND is today one of Greece's largest telecommunications operators with an annual turnover of EUR 1.26 billion (2008) and in excess of 6 million customers in mobile and fixed telephony as well as in broadband services. Founded in 1992 as a subsidiary of Telecom Italia, the company has established itself as the technology leader of the Greek mobile telecom market, thanks to its innovative products and services.

In 2005 the company was acquired by Apax Partners and Texas Pacific Group, two of the world's largest international investment funds.

In 2006, TIM Hellas acquired Q-Telecom, Greece's fourth-largest mobile operator. This acquisition allowed TIM Hellas to further strengthen its market position.

2007 was another milestone in the company's history. On February 7, Weather Investments S.p.A. -- controlled by the Sawiris family and Mr. Naguib Sawiris, who controls the international telecom group of Orascom Τelecom -- acquired TIM Hellas.

As part of Weather Investment Group's international footprint, TIM is continuing its successful course in the Greek market and on June 5, 2007, changed its brand name to WIND to celebrate a new era in communication during which its customers will enjoy more.

The merger with Tellas complements the new era. WIND Hellas having fully incorporated the infrastructures, operations and services of Tellas is now one of the biggest Telecommunications providers in Greece capable of offering to the consumers Mobile Telephony, Fixed Telephony and Internet in a fully integrated package available at one single Sales and Service point

Its merger with TELLAS was recently completed and, thus, WIND Hellas has now become the second major telecommunication provider in Greece.

I want to win much more
WIND now offers its customers the opportunity to win more than ever. Much more.

For mobile telephony customers:
WIND's tariff plans allow for complete flexibility combining bundled airWINDe, SMS and data services to suit the needs of every customer. Corporate customers enjoy special offers only for them while pre-paid users have a variety of choices for cost-friendly communication.

WIND Plus, the value added services menu of WIND introduces users to a mobile mulWINDedia world with over 200 services that come with rich content, attractive look & feel and most of, they are ease to use. Whether a customer looks for fun, WIND's sports, games or travel information, just to name a few, WIND Plus is a "handy" mobile guide.

I want full network coverage
WIND's network expands throughout Greece to offer population coverage of 99.3%. For customers travelling abroad, the company cooperates with 354 mobile operators in 146 countries.

Everyday, WIND's network handles more than 28 million calls and 15 million SMSs. Thanks to the company's investments in infrastructure even the remotest areas of Greece have excellent network coverage.

WIND has been investing approximately EUR 150 million annually to ensure that its customers enjoy full network coverage.

I want many WIND stores, everywhere
Thanks to WIND's 350 stores and more than 20,000 points of sale (POS) throughout Greece, customers may find WIND everywhere. WIND stores are located in the busiest city centres as well as many parts of the country, while more than 1000 well-trained sales agents help customers make the best choice and win more than ever. Much more.

I want to ask questions
WIND's Customer Care works around the clock, every day of the week to support customer's needs. More than 330 agents, who work in two call Centres, one each in Athens and Thessaloniki, Northern Greece, strive for customer satisfaction, answering on average more than 20,000 customer requests every single day.

Thanks to the "Universal Agent" philosophy, WIND's agents respond to almost all requests during the first call, making customer relationship with the company even stronger.

I want innovation
WIND is the technology leader of the Greek market. It was the first operator to launch 3G services in 2004 and since then invests heavily in building up its wireless broadband network.

Thanks to its 3G Broadband (HSDPA) network, currently deployed in most Greek cities, it offers its customers wireless data services with a speed that reaches 1.8 Mbps.

WIND's 3G Broadband supports video-calls, Web browsing and multimedia services usage such as MMS & VIDEO at impressive quality.

Our people
WIND invests in its people, one of its most valuable assets. The company offers its 1,650 employees a challenging working environment of continuous professional development and personal growth. During 2006, WIND's employees participated in an estimated 46,000 hours of seminars.

WIND has a young workforce which has an average age of 33 years old, is highly educated (35% have earned bachelor degrees, 20% master's degrees and 32% technical diplomas), while 48% of WIND's employees are female, since the company is an active equal opportunity employer.