Eurocharity's RSS for Latest en 2010 31st Saturday of October 2020 06:17:17 PM 31st Saturday of October 2020 06:17:17 PM en 2010 Logo South Pole: Demand for Voluntary Carbon Offsets Holds Strong as Corporates Stick With Climate Commitments The private sector is key to providing the finance to get climate action projects off the ground! 2020-10-27 12:10:58 15686 2010-03-23T15:57:28Z South Pole: Get involved - the Consultation on Key Plastic Stewardship Guidelines starts now! Companies are increasingly making ambitious leadership commitments related to a circular economy for plastic 2020-10-27 12:10:55 15685 2010-03-23T15:57:28Z HELLENIC PETROLEUM: Completion of 204 MW PV Project Acquisition and financing through a new bond issuance 2020-10-27 12:10:43 15684 2010-03-23T15:57:28Z Schneider Electric Launches New Podcast Series Leaders Share Insights on Accelerating Digital Journeys During Pandemic 2020-10-27 12:10:09 15687 2010-03-23T15:57:28Z CTX: Aviation Carbon Exchange (A.C.E.) ® Take-Off Just Login or start your application today and quote the discount code Aviation2020 and soon you can start trading. 2020-10-27 11:10:55 15676 2010-03-23T15:57:28Z EPIONI: Webinar on the occasion of World Mental Health Day 2020 EPIONI on the occasion of the European Carers Day organized a webinar for family caregivers on Friday 9 October 2020. The focus was on caregivers’ need for access to more and better health services. 2020-10-21 17:10:10 15672 2010-03-23T15:57:28Z Charity “Pediatric Trauma Care”: General Hospital of Naoussa We have offered necessary equipment to the Paediatric Department in the General Hospital of Naoussa 2020-10-09 14:10:34 15667 2010-03-23T15:57:28Z Charity “Pediatric Trauma Care”: General Hospital of Amfissa We have equipped the 36th Trauma Center in Greece 2020-10-09 11:10:35 15663 2010-03-23T15:57:28Z EPIONI: Webinar on the occasion of the European Carers Day and the World Mental Health Day Friday, 9 October 2020 at 16:00 2020-10-06 11:10:28 15644 2010-03-23T15:57:28Z New School Year Meeting of “YouSmile” Volunteer Students with the Deputy Minister of Education and Religious Affairs. Mrs. Sofia Zacharaki "The Smile of the Child" held an online meeting on September 11th, Friday 2020-09-28 16:09:38 15635 2010-03-23T15:57:28Z SVI's response to IFRS, Capitals Coalition + SDG Impact Practice Standards Consultations 4/11/2020, 8am GMT & 2pm GMT 2020-10-29 12:10:51 15688 2010-03-23T15:57:28Z GRI: Rising trust in sustainability reporting around the world Public opinion poll on social and environmental corporate performance 2020-10-27 12:10:03 15683 2010-03-23T15:57:28Z FSC: Participate in the Third and Final Consultation on the Draft of FSC Policy on Conversion The deadline to participate is 6 November 2020 2020-10-27 11:10:53 15678 2010-03-23T15:57:28Z Benaki Museum: CoMuseum - Leadership in Challenging Times The CoMuseum International Conference is organising a series of digital conversations which will take place in September and October 2020. 2020-10-26 17:10:38 15674 2010-03-23T15:57:28Z Corporate Responsibility Conference 2020 | Tribes: Joined by Purpose October 19, 2020 3:00 pm – 6:30 pm 2020-10-12 16:10:18 15671 2010-03-23T15:57:28Z