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Global Sustain presents Sustainability Report 2014

10.11.2015 Share

Global Sustain proudly presents Global Sustain Sustainability Report 2014, in line with the company’s vision and engagement to sustainability and transparency. The company considers sustainability reporting an integral and crucial part of its business strategy, highly linked with People-Planet-Profit mentality. 

This year’s Report is in English and designed by Global Sustain member Sympraxis Team. It was prepared taking into account the GRI-G4 (In accordance “Core”) and the principles of the United Nations Global Compact. The content οf the Report has been assured by the company TÜV Hellas (TÜV Nord).

As Michael Spanos, Managing Director of Global Sustain, quoted in his message: “This year’s report is a landmark as far as the reporting procedure is concerned since we follow international reporting guidelines according to the GRI-G4 standard. We recognise that global economic environment is fragile but we are determined to stay focused on ensuring a sustainable future for our business. We will continue to operate with a clear vision, adapt to new global demands and deliver our promises as a role model for new-generation enterprises globally”. 

This year, as part of the process, Global Sustain conducted a thorough Materiality Assessment, prioritising topics based on the impact they have on the company and its stakeholders. The content of this Report was formed based on the following sustainability pillars: marketplace, human resources, society and environment.

Global Sustain turnover was increased by 31.89% (2014 vs. 2013), meeting the last year’s target. The company enhanced its global presence, funded two NGOs and increased the number of its members while it continued to act with integrity and transparency. According to a special client service satisfaction survey, 92% of Global Sustain members consider that the company enjoys a good level of credibility and effectiveness.
Human Resources
Human resources constitute the most dynamic element for Global Sustain growth, and this is why the firm systematically invests in finding, selecting, evaluating, retaining and developing its human capital. In 2014, the average training hours per employee was eight. 

At the end of each fiscal year, Global Sustain donates an important percentage of its pre-tax profits to one or two non-profit projects carried out by Non-Governmental Organisations, with the aim of supporting the citizen sector. In 2014 it supported the NGOs: “Be Strong, a Public Benefit and Nonprofit Organisation Friends of Cancer” and “Life Line Hellas”. Moreover, Global Sustain and its ambassadors provided voluntary work in collaboration with NGOs and members of the network. 

Global Sustain has created a comprehensive environmental policy in order to minimise any adverse impact on air, water and land by means of pollution prevention and energy and water conservation. Parts of this policy are: a) recycling, b) carbon offsetting c) reducing energy and water consumption and d) the use of FSC® certified paper. 

For the full Global Sustain Sustainability Report 2014 press here.