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EY Study on the Circular Economy in Greece

30.05.2016 Share

The objective of this study is to promote the potential for transformational change that the Circular Economy can bring to the status quo of the Greek economy, both upstream and downstream

New Circular Economy European Package - European Commission
► boost European competitiveness
► foster sustainable economic growth
► generate new jobs for Greece and the EU
► Funding
► €5.5 billion from structural funds
► €650 million from Horizon 2020

Why to promote the Circular Economy in Greece?
► Opportunity for Greece
► use the opportunity to help the long awaited investment cycle recommence for
business in Greece, as and when the needed fiscal and structural reforms take place
► provide information and benchmarking to Greek businesses to explore
transformational initiatives, as opposed to simply replicating past experience, by using
the incentives and directions inherent in these programs
► transform the issue of waste management, recycling of wastes, storing and reusing of
wastes, from a field of confrontation to an area where cooperation and win-win
solutions can be established.