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Polyeco Contemporary Art Initiative

Polyeco Contemporary Art Initiative

Member: NGO Free
Since: 17.02.2016

24, Dervenakion, Piraeus, 18545 Athens, Greece
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Discussing Nature on Social Media New exhibition at the Athens International Airport 
(October 3, 2016 – January 31, 2017)

Aiming to raise public awareness on the issue of environmental degradation, the biggest challenge of the 21st century, the exhibition etitled
a digital installation by artist Angelo Plessas, is presented in the “Art and Environment” exhibition area of the airport, from October 3, 2016 up to January 31, 2017. 

Τhe artwork created by Angelo Plessas specifically to be presented at the Athens International Airport wascommissioned by Polyeco Contemporary Art Initiative. The messages that appears in the installation are actual posts by users of social media which include the word “nature”. In this way, the artist creates a link between the physical and digital world, two worlds within which we all move in daily, exchanging information and opinions. At the same time, the artwork invites us to consider the most ecological way of exchanging information, even when it comes to discussions on the environment. The interactive format of the project is located on website, freely accessible to visitors. 

Polyeco Contemporary Art Initiative is a non-profit organisation which primarily aims at raising environmental awarness inspired by the cruscial issue of waste management, which is not only technical, but also environmental and social. PCAI motivates and commissions artists to create works of art that contribute to the dialogue for environmental protection in an effort to raise environmental awareness on individual and collective level. 

Angelo Plessas is an artist based in Athens, Greece. The focus of his work is to network the offline with the online in ways that make us understand aspects of both conditions, and to generate new ways of relating to both. His activities range widelyfrom performances to artist residencies; from self-publishing to interactive websites; from sculptures, to live-stream events and different educational projects. For the last four years, he has organized annual, weeklong gatherings of The Eternal Internet Brother/Sisterhood and most recently the Experimental Education Protocol. His work has been exhibited in various international venues such as Jeu de Paume and Centre Pompidou Paris, National Museum of Contemporary Art and Deste Foundation in Athens, Frieze Projects 2013 London, The UC Berkeley Art Museum etc. Plessas is a Fulbright alumni and in 2015 has received the Deste Prize. Angelo Plessas is represented by The Breeder Gallery, Athens. 

AIA’s “Art & Environment” area is located at Departures Level / Entrance 3, area open to all passengers on a 24-h basis.

IMAGE CREDITS Angelo Plessas,, 2016, website, Copyright the artist, Courtesy The Breeder, Athens, Commissioned by Polyeco Contemporary Art Initiative