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Empowering Sustainable Decisions

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Empowering Sustainable Decisions: GRI’s Annual Report Released

10.01.2017 Share

​Today we are publishing our Annual Report covering the period 1 July 2015 – 30 June 2016. 

The report provides detailed insights into the inner workings of GRI, mapping out our organizational and sustainability progress against our goals and ambitions over the past reporting period.  ​“We believe transparency is a catalyst for change, and in our 2015-2016 Annual Report, we’ve striven to demonstrate the principles we espouse to others,” said Eric Hespenheide, Interim Chief Executive, GRI. “The report serves three key functions – it provides a balanced review of our activities throughout the reporting period, it presents our key financial information at year end (30 June 2016), and it details our material sustainability disclosures and the impacts we’ve had on our stakeholders. Moreover, it acts as a compass for traversing the future, framing up our ambitions in light of global opportunities and challenges facing GRI in the dynamic landscape of sustainability disclosure.”

The report highlights the growth GRI has achieved over the last report period, with a 21% increase in staff members enabling us to work more intensively on core areas, such as our recent transition from sustainability reporting guidelines to standards, and our important outreach in the policy and corporate spheres.

We rely on four key revenue streams to fund our work, and one of our key operational goals from the last reporting period was to continue diversifying our funding sources. As the report illustrates, we achieved a good balance of funding through our income streams with 28% total revenue coming from governments and foundations, 29% from our corporate engagement programs, 26% from our services, and 17% from our global conference and other events. In the report you can find a full breakdown of our revenue, our main donors and the programs they support, and an overview of how our funding was allocated.
GRI’s multi-stakeholder network is foundational to our success in developing the world’s most widely used and trusted sustainability reporting standards. Our global community spans tens of thousands of leaders, partners, reporting organizations, experts and others involved in sustainability and reporting. We engage these groups to govern our organization, build our reporting standards, share knowledge about how to report, build capacity to use reported data, advance policy and regulation on reporting, raise funds and work in collaboration on projects. The report highlights the truly collaborative nature of our work and details the main impacts our work has on our stakeholders.  

The report is intended to provide all of our stakeholders with informative insights not only into our organization, but also the challenges and opportunities we foresee in the reporting landscape as we head into 2017. 

“We have entered a new era where the need for transparency and disclosure to address global sustainability challenges has never been more real and urgent,” explained Christianna Wood, Chairman of the Board of Directors, GRI. “GRI and its Board have a responsibility to lead this shift which we believe will support the transformational change needed to build a sustainable global economy.”