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RSS Mind the Gap or Mind the Lab?

24.01.2017 Share

«Mind the Gap» is the phrase we often hear from the loudspeakers at the Athens metro. On February the 3rd we will listen “Mind the Lab”, and we will have the opportunity to meet scientific discoveries, emerging technologies, engineering achievements and mathematical applications.

This is another initiative of the organization “Science-Communication- SciCo”, which since 2008, and through various actions it has succesfully crated events that promote science, inventing ever new ways of “reconciling” it with the general public.

On Friday the 3rd the stations will fill up with impressive scientific experiments, digital interactive games, scientific ‘snapshots’, technological applications, exhibits, cultural events and many other activities that will take place with the participation of young scientists, researchers and teachers who promise to reveal to the subway passengers that science accompanies our daily activities and to stimulate their interest, regardless of age, educational level, nationality, profession and interests.