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Social Value International

Social Value International

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Since: 05.11.2014

c/o Timebank, One KX, 120 Cromer Street, WC1H 8BS London, UK

Social Value Snapshot

15.02.2017 Share

So 2016 is history and, along with our international community, we have leapt headlong towards a truly exciting new year at Social Value International.

Building on the foundations laid last year, 2017 will see the launch of new networks and the publication of many more free online resources. Our membership and support is gathering momentum and will be highlighted through our Social Value Matters Conference in Istanbul on the 10th /11th of April. With our national networks we are expanding international training opportunities and will continue to support numerous volunteering opportunities for those seeking experience.

This really is going to be a fantastic year, visit our website and find out how to be a part the journey! If you'd like to get involved, why not join our community? For £50 per year (less if you are a full time student) you can have access to our member webinars, full set of recordings, discounts on our training and much more. Together we have a voice and together we will inspire change... it could be quite wonderful!