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Oury Clark

Oury Clark

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Since: 12.10.2015

10 John Street, WC1N 2EB London, United Kingdom

Oury Clark: 2016/17 Year End Tax Planning

28.02.2017 Share

Our 2016/17 Year End Tax Planning guide highlights some of the key tax planning opportunities for all stages and facets of life

We provide suggestions for further consideration and discussion, enabling you to arrange your taxes, investments and wider financial affairs to reduce current and future tax liabilities. Please keep in mind that everyone’s tax situation is different. Before implementing any of the strategies discussed here, you should obtain professional advice. Effective tax planning is about knowing the taxes you are liable to pay and acting to legally minimise them. It is also about maximising your net income and creating opportunities to invest and save tax-efficiently. While there is no doubt that the tax system is complex, you should not let complexity deter you from a simple goal: keeping your taxes as low as possible. In our Guide to 2016/17 Year End Tax Planning, we have provided some of the key areas you should consider if applicable to your particular situation.

Download the PDF to see the full document.