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Piraeus Bank S.A.

Piraeus Bank S.A.

Member: Platinum
Since: 17.04.2008

4, Amerikis Street, GR-105 64 Athens, Greece

Piraeus Bank: “Next Banking Experience”

14.12.2016 Share

Piraeus Bank is the first to launch into the Greek market a new model of a fully automated e-branch, in three points within the region of Attiki. The first e-branch which is located at the intersection of Alexandras and Kifisias Ave. opened its doors to the public on Wednesday, December 7th, while the othertwo will operate gradually by the end of the year in Chalandri and Spata (McArthurGlen), respectively.

The Bank aimed at creating Branches of a modern Banking Experience for the best service of its customers and the improvement of their overall experience through the provision of pioneering services. Combining in a unique way state of the art architecture and technological innovations, it has designed and created a friendly, familiar and modern environment which provides smart banking services and a comprehensive range of transactions.

The new branches will operate on weekdays during extended operating hours, as well as on Saturdays, confirming once again the high-quality service and the customer-centered character Piraeus Bank has been showing for many years.

Individuals as well as businesses and freelancers have the possibility to perform their transactions secure, fast and easy, since no special knowledge or digital skills are required. During all operating hours of the ebranches there will be available officers, to whom customers will be able to address for any question, get informed on the services provided, get instructions on the use of machines & digital services of the Bank, as well as assistance in every transaction. 

Some of the pioneering services of the e-branch are: 
  • The “Remote cashier”, where customers can perform through a videocall with an experienced cashier of the Bank, at least 90% of the transactions provided as easy and simple as at a conventional cashier desk 
  • Instant prepaid gift card issuance and receipt by the special machine
  • Instant passbook update
  • Remote registration in the internet banking through the phone service point in the branch 
  • Use of the PC & tablets available in the branch () in order to get to know and familiarize with the eservices of the Bank (Digital zone)
  • Acquaintance with the products and services of several Bank partners (Exhibition area) 
  • Meetings for the provision of consulting services in the special meeting room 
  • 24/7 performance of deposits, withdrawals and payments through the ATMs & easypay kiosks located in indoor areas. 
Furthermore, for businesses and freelancers are provided the following: 
  •  Cheque deposit at the “Remote cashier desk»
  •  Instant banknote counting and deposit
  •  Instant coin counting and deposit 
Remote cashier

The “Remote cashier” in every e-branch constitutes the greatest innovation in the Greek banking market and one of the greatest at European level. It gives the possibility to Bank customers to carry out over 90% of all transactions of a conventional cashier desk with the assistance of a specially trained cashier through a video call.

The transactions that can be carried out are the following: cash withdrawal and deposit, balance update, cheque deposit, money transfer for suppliers’ payment, payment of bills and business debts, payment of corporate cards and loans etc.

Piraeus Bank will gradually open more e-branches in selected points of service all over Greece.