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GRI: World-class Working Groups

05.04.2017 Share

World-class Working Groups

The first Project Working Groups to review and update topic-specific GRI Standards have been formed. The revisions begin with GRI 303: Water and GRI 403: Occupational Health and Safety. ​

World-class contributors will ensure that the GRI Standards for water and health and safety are in line with internationally-agreed best practice and recent developments in the management and reporting of these topics.

The work is expected to increase the alignment of GRI Standards with other reporting frameworks. This is essential for reducing the burden of reporting; and for improving the comparability of reported information, so important for investors and other report users.

Both groups welcome subject-leading experts from each constituency that contributes to the GSSB’s work: civil society organizations, investment institutions, business, labor, and mediating institutions.

There is also strong representation from other standard setters, including the Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP) and the Sustainability Accounting Standards Board (SASB). More detail about the participants can be found on the Review of GRI 303 and Review of GRI 403 project pages on the Standards website.

Bastian Buck, Director of Standard Setting, says: ‘We’re delighted with the composition of these first working groups. As well as upholding GRI’s multi-stakeholder approach, both groups have exceptional topic-related expertise. This will help ensure that the Standards continue to provide robust disclosures that generate decision-ready information.’  

The development process for these Standards includes public comment periods, which are anticipated between August and November 2017. If you have an interest in shaping the future Standards, be sure to take part; or provide your feedback on the Standards any time, by emailing ​