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FSC US Launches Digital Resource Guide for Marketing

05.04.2017 Share

FSC US Launches Digital Resource Guide for Marketing

New online site is designed to help companies use FSC in marketing.

In March, FSC US launched a new Digital Resource Guide, which is a tool for certified companies and others with valid FSC trademark licenses to use FSC in marketing. 

The Digital Resource Guide is part of our strategy to build consumer awareness of the FSC brand, as a way to increase value for certified companies and of course protect our forest resources. 

To advance this objective, we are partnering with WWF’s Global Forest & Trade Network, an initiative to combat illegal logging and drive improvements in forest management by transforming the marketplace. With support from GFTN members – HP, International Paper, Kimberly-Clark, McDonald’s, Procter & Gamble, and Williams-Sonoma – FSC first developed the anthem video premiered last fall. The video is designed to help introduce an emotional connection with consumers. 

In addition, the partners expressed a need for marketing assets that would allow them to communicate their commitment to FSC and responsible forest management – in their own ways. This dovetailed nicely with FSC’s interest in creating a tool that could help all certified companies share their stories. 

So we are very pleased to announce the new Digital Resource Guide. This evolving guide launches with an array of marketing assets, including the anthem video, “b-roll” video footage for use in other FSC-related videos, audio files, images, messaging, icons, fact sheets and an “FSC 101” presentation for talking about FSC within your company or with suppliers. 

This resource is available for any FSC certified company or FSC trademark license holder in the US, as long as the use includes FSC. 

To develop the Digital Resource Guide, FSC was very pleased to work with Zeus Jones, an award-winning creative agency based in Minneapolis. To document their work, the firm recently created a case study of the project

FSC encourages all eligible companies to explore the Digital Resource Guide and consider ways to bring FSC into your marketing. If you have questions, want to brainstorm ideas or provide feedback, please contact Brad Kahn (