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ALBA Graduate Business School at The American College of Greece

ALBA Graduate Business School at The American College of Greece

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Since: 28.06.2012

6-8, Xenias Street, GR-115 28 Athens, Greece

Become the best at what YOU do at ALBA

20.04.2017 Share

Become the best at what YOU do at ALBA with a MSc in Finance or a MSc in Risk Management

MSc in Finance

The premier academic qualification for those interested in a international career in finance in Greece and abroad. The MSc in Finance prepares aspiring and seasoned finance professionals for a successful career in the areas of banking, corporate finance, investment management, risk management and treasury management. The MSc in Finance is the only CFA Program Partner in Greece and has been included in the Financial Times’ 2007, 2008, 2009 and 2010 Special Report on “Financial Training”, along with the most renowned MSc in Finance programs in Europe, North America and Asia.”
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MSc in Risk Management

This program is designed to develop informed professionals who will be able to identify, measure and manage the risks latent in investments, business decisions or financial transactions.

The significant social costs paid by societies due to the recent financial crisis, highlight the importance of effective risk management.

Being University Partner of PRMIA (Professional Risk Managers' International Association), our program you will help you join the ranks of the globally growing profession of risk management and pursue a career dealing with some of the hottest challenges in business today:

• In pursuit of higher returns, reign in on growing market volatilities.
• Control the financial risks inherent in banking and insurance institutions.
• Identify operational risks in all areas of business.
• Design effective risk frameworks at portfolio, business division or enterprise level.

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