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GEP: World Day of Health & Safety at work!

28.04.2017 Share

The message of this year's World Day for Safety and Health at Work campaign focuses on raising awareness of countries for the collection and use of reliable data on Occupational Health and Safety.
The undeniable need for countries to improve their way to collect and use reliable data on this crucial matter is now more imperative than ever since it is included in the UN's 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, elimination of Poverty, protecting the planet and ensuring prosperity to all.
All the countries, in order to respond to this commitment, will be asked to report data on the following indicators, such as frequency rates on fatal and non-fatal occupational accidents, depending on gender and whether or not the victims are immigrants.
In addition, the article 8 of this Declaration, that was adapted in 2015, foresees the promotion without exclusions, sustainable economic growth, full and productive employment and decent work for all. This objective should be achieved based on the "protecting workers' rights and the promotion of safe work for all workers, including migrant workers, particularly migrant women and those in precarious employment.
Based on the above, the standing position of GEP is composed by the need to create an Occupational Health & Safety Culture to every business, regardless of size, so that every employee at the end of his working hours returns to his home safely.
According to GEP’s CEO, George Lamprinos, "There is no doubt that the existence of reliable data concerning Occupational Health & Safety matters, the number of accidents at work and how these are distributed, is very crucial in order to raise awareness to businesses and to the society in general. However, this could also work backwards, through the society, so that every company has zero-risk accidents, by creating a Health and Safety culture for its employees, and using the reliable tools that are available today. "
The evaluation of the existing level of Health & Safety Culture Safety Culture Survey and Beyond and Behavior Based Safety Program are a holistic approach to health and safety issues both at a technical and administrative level so that the company can highlight the Occupational Health and Safety in value, culture and everyday practices.