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EFQM Forum 2017, Excellence through Agility

From: 26.10.2017 To: 27.10.2017 Share

When operating in a turbulent environment, organisational agility, defined as the ability to rapidly and efficiently adapt to change, is invaluable. Seizing game-changing opportunities and shifting resources are strategic priorities every organisation deals with. Executives know this and recognise the many benefits of enhanced agility.

Every year, the EFQM Forum brings together over 400 Excellence enthusiasts who come to learn from and be inspired by great keynote speakers from the business world and beyond. You can expect a blend of content composed of CEOs, entrepreneurs, trendsetters, artists or sportspeople...

All detailed information on the EFQM Forum are now available on or on the mobile app -

We look forward to welcoming each one of you in Madrid in October.