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3 New FREE OiRA tools by GEP’s scientific team

18.05.2017 Share

The development of the three OiRA tools was completed by GEP’s scientific team!

Free OiRA Occupational Risk Assessment tools
In 2015, after an EU competition that was carried out, GEP’s expertise was recognized and was selected in the end by EU as a partner to develop 3 OIRA “Occupational Risk Assessment” tools (Online Interactive Risk Assessment), which are intended to professionals of three professional groups in our country.

Just recently, this project that was funded by the European Organization for Occupational Health & Safety (EU-OSHA) and supervised by the Ministry of Labor, Social Security and Social Solidarity, was completed by GEP’s scientific team and was delivered to the public.

With these 3 on-line tools, companies of the professional sectors:

• Lift Installers/Maintainers
• Vehicle Repair
• Educational Units,
have now the ability to evaluate their occupational risks for FREE and to elaborate the Occupational Risk Assessment study.

The project’s aim is to support businesses that belong to the above sectors in order to respond adequately and without cost to the important obligation of occupational risk assessment.

George Lambrinos, GEP CEO:

"Improving the conditions of Occupational Health and Safety and establishing a culture of risk prevention in the work environment comprise a continuous and main goal of GEP. Especially when we use our expertise towards this direction, we feel that we really do an important work not only for the professionals of our country but also for our society”.

Occupational Risk Assessment with no cost!

The Occupational Risk Assessment is the basis of any Health & Safety management approach. It is also essential for the establishment of a Healthy workplace.

OiRA, as an on-line cost-free tool, aims to increase the number of very small and small businesses that assess their risks and improve the quality of their risk assessments.

Facilitating these businesses to initiate (or improve) their occupational risk assessment, OiRA tools can also help them become more competitive, for example by reducing the losses due to occupational illnesses, by minimizing the accidents risk and by improving their overall working conditions and organizational performances.