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Innovation Forum: Do consumers want to go palm oil free?

29.08.2017 Share

Do consumers want to go palm oil free?
A new certification scheme aims to help consumers eliminate palm oil products from their shopping baskets – but whether companies will join up remains the open question   
While it has been talked about for years, it does seem that consumers are becoming more aware and savvy about their purchase choices.

In increasing numbers they want to know whether their food products have been produced abiding by strict animal welfare standards, and if farmers are being paid well or whether the products they buy conform to organic or other certification schemes.

But palm oil – used as an ingredient in everything from margarine to toothpaste – remains something of an anomaly with consumers.

Some consumers might have seen NGO campaigns linking palm cultivation with tree loss and orangutan habitat destruction. But those attempts have been somewhat piecemeal and the connection often lost in the complexity and confusion of such supply chains before palm oil reaches products on supermarket shelves.

Which is why the announcement of a new consumer-focused certification scheme for the commodity is such an intriguing development.

Adopted first in the UK and Australia, the world’s first international Palm Oil Free Certification Accreditation Programme (POFCAP) is apparently a response to ...