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The critical business issues coming up at Innovation Forum

11.09.2017 Share

The critical business issues coming up at Innovation Forum
Over the next few months we’ll be debating the role of business in deforestation, human rights, factories, plastic pollution and the sugarcane supply chain
As well as our conference series, we’ll have plenty of insight and comment, webinars and podcasts published online to help our newsletter readers identify the issues that matter to their organisations, and some of the solutions that the leading players have found to work.
In both Jakarta and London, Innovation Forum will debate what companies need to do about deforestation risks in their supply chains.
The Jakarta forum next month, in partnership with TFA 2020, will include the biggest brands and sourcing companies, traders, processors and other key business players, along with key NGOs and government representatives to debate solutions that are successful, and what needs to be done on the ground so that zero deforestation targets can be achieved and successful restoration enabled. Hear from: Asia Pulp & Paper, Sime Darby, Golden Agri-Resources, Nestlé and many more experts.
In November, our London forum will bring together key players from business, government, NGOs and the investment community. We’ll discuss the challenges faced in removing deforestation from corporate supply chains and how to overcome them. Join Mondelez, Olam, Bunge, M&S and Pearson.
Human rights
Following up our modern slavery events in the spring, in London in early November we’ll bring together business, NGOs, multi-stakeholder initiatives and government to discuss both the most pressing human rights issues that companies have to deal with day to day. Engaging session formats this year will include live crisis case studies, guided workshops, roundtables, breakouts, open panel discussions and debates. Confirmed speakers include: John Lewis, ABN Amro, Microsoft, Barrick and Anglo American.
Ocean plastic
Plastic pollution is choking the oceans – there are over 150m tonnes of plastic in the ocean, with a further 8m million tonnes being dumped every year. Plastic packaging represents the major share of this. The business sector has a massive role to play in the cleaning-up and prevention of ocean pollution. At our two-day multi-stakeholder forum in London, companies, government, innovators and NGOs will come together to discuss and debate the most pressing issues, and to collaborate in an effort to improve practices and eradicate plastics in the ocean. Join the likes of HP, Body Shop, Mars, Suez and Ikea in October.
Transforming factories 
In Washington DC this November we will be focusing on how collaboration, digitisation and cutting-edge technology will help create more sustainable factories. We’ll look at the new processes, management practices and technologies that are changing how supply chains work. Among the questions our business experts will ask are: what’s effective, which technologies will enable change, and how can new ways of working drive both cost efficiencies and make supply chains more sustainable? Join experts from Fair Factories Clearing House, Better Work – ILO, Tau Investment, Verite and more.
Supply chain focus – sustainable sugarcane
Created in partnership with Bonsucro, the global platform for sugarcane, this forum in December is for all stakeholders in the sugar value chain to discuss the commercial opportunities of implementing sustainability and ethical initiatives, and the practicalities of how to make them successful. The conference offers the opportunity for a diverse group of stakeholders to discuss and debate the key issues facing the industry. Hear from ED&F Man, CSC Sugar, Bayer and many more.
Hope you can join us this autumn. And of course, do let us know if there’s anything else you’d like us to cover either at one of our forums or in our newsletter, online or in our webinars and podcasts.
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