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Alpha Bank S.A.

Alpha Bank S.A.

Member: Gold
Since: 28.03.2007

40, Stadiou Street, GR-102 52 Athens, Greece

Alpha Bank: Together... in environmental actions in Athens and Thessaloniki!

29.09.2017 Share

In the context of its Corporate Social Responsibility activities for protecting the environment, Alpha Bank organised, on Sunday, September 24, 2017, environmental events in Athens and Thessaloniki, in which Employees of the Bank participated as volunteers.

In Athens, an event for “Pruning and Taking Care of Olive Trees” was held, in order to prepare the historic Kessariani olive grove for the “Olive Picking” event, organised by Alpha Bank in collaboration with the Philodassiki Enossi Athinon and taking place at the end of the year. In addition, the participants were given a guided tour of the Association's new nursery for pharmaceutical and aromatic plants. In parallel, the children of the Bank's Employees, under the guidance of specialised educators, had the opportunity to participate in “The Garden of Colours” – an educational activity designed to acquaint them with typical Greek plants and their miraculous qualities.

On the same day, environmental and educational actions also took place in Thessaloniki, at the premises of the American Farm School, on home cheesemaking and the cultivation of aromatic plants. The participants had the opportunity to produce their own cheese at the School's cheese factory and to be involved the harvesting, drying and distilling of aromatic plants. In parallel, their children participated in educational activities, learning how to making traditional Cretan cheese and to harvest aromatic plants, and also took part in an experiential environmental education programme.