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The Smile of the Child

The Smile of the Child

Member: NGO Premium
Since: 26.10.2009
Voluntary Children's Association

10, Zinonos Eleatou Street, GR-151 24 Maroussi, Athens, Greece

“The Smile of the Child” organized the 3rd Managerial Meeting of the Project CONVEY

10.10.2017 Share

“The Smile of the Child” participated to the 3rd Managerial Meeting of the European Project “CONVEY - Counteracting sexual violence and harassment: Engaging Youth in schools in digital education on gender stereotyping”, that took place on September 28th-29th, 2017 in Athens. 

The CONVEY project consists of Organisations located in 6 European countries: CESIE (Italy), “The Smile of the Child” (Greece), “Hope For Children” CRC Policy Center (Cyprus), Sexual Violence Centre Cork (Ireland), Gender Alternatives (Bulgaria), Westminster City Council (United Kingdom).

Since the beginning of the project, the project’s partners have conducted discussion meetings with groups of students (14-18 years old) as well as with women survivors of sexual violence and/or harassment. 

The content of an educational digital game/application, which is currently under development, was presented during the meeting based on the previous meetings and discussions of the project’s partners. The aim of this tool is to support teachers in raising the awareness of young people on gender stereotypes and the ways these are related to sexual violence and harassment. 

Moreover, the first version of the educational material for teachers’ training and activities that will be used for young people’s education and awareness raising was presented. The digital application is expected to be launched at the beginning of 2018, while the implementation of teachers’ training seminars and young people’s education and awareness raising activities will be implemented at the second semester of 2018.

“The Smile of the Child” coordinates the design and implementation of the pilot programme for teachers’ training and teens’ awareness raising building upon the utilization of the digital educational tool. 

The Project CONVEY is co-funded by the REC Programme of the European Union. 

For more information, please visit the website of the project or contact us at