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STIRIXIS Group: Perrigo’s Offices – Creating a Joyous Work Environment

12.10.2017 Share

STIRIXIS Group Develops Perrigo’s New Offices: A Joyous, Open and Positive Work Environment

Perrigo is a global leader in pharmaceuticals, providing quality affordable Healthcare Products and the world’s largest manufacturer of OTC (over the counter) healthcare products. STIRIXIS Group was approached and tasked with the relocation, design, and construction of their new offices.
The new office environment is designed to reflect the company’s long history, its vision, and identity while at the same time combines modern aesthetics and architecture, functionality and know-how. After extensive research, STIRIXIS Group, found a spacious building in nothern Athens for the company to relocate, responding to Perrigo’s need to be closer to the city center, while remaining at the suburban area.

Some of the challenges during the development of the project included budget constraints, time limitations but also noise constrictions, as the building selected already housed another company who had to be respected and not disturbed.

We designed the new offices to be a welcoming and functional environment. Natural light is allowed in thus opening the space further, and we use glass for the separation walls. Wood flooring adds warmth and gives it a sense of elegance, while the gray and white walls are countered by the colorful chairs and decorative details, giving the office a professional, yet joyous essence. As the company’s working force is large, with different departments, the space is segmented for better cooperation between the teams and proper signage has been implemented to allow visitors and employees to navigate around the building.

A great deal of emphasis was placed on the company’s brand during the creation of the new office space. The values that the brand espouses, its identity, and philosophy, are echoing throughout the whole floor, making it an inseparable part of the concept.

Employee’s interaction is increased through the use of open-space offices and the design of a series of common areas, meeting rooms, a relax room, a spacious kitchen area and a play area for brainstorming sessions. The “telephone booths” are soundproofed to offer privacy for conference calls without disturbing the other employees.

The end result is a fully implemented and efficient concept that caters to all the needs and requests of the customer, improves operations and increases the customer’s RoI.

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