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SARGIA Partners S.A.

SARGIA Partners S.A.

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Since: 22.11.2013

7b, Digeni Street, GR-166 73 Voula, Athens, Greece

Bigger Mind Leadership by SARGIA Partners

From: 13.11.2017 To: 15.12.2017 Share

We are entering this time of the year… when we all look back and evaluate how we did overall, how we managed all the challenges, how we missed planned targets, how we achieved some hard milestones…

Looking back is part of being a human after all…

More than that, authentic and inspiring leaders realize that it is necessary to reflect on wrong turns as well as build on peak moments!

So how about closing the year in the most refreshing way! How about offering yourself the unique opportunity to reset your brain to all your amazing potential, before moving forward to a New Year full of wonderful possibilities!

Make a precious GIFT to Yourself and your Team, by choosing one of our Bigger Mind Leadership Retreats!

All of us in SARGIA Partners know that… you totally DESERVE it!

LIMITED TIME OFFER for Retreats between Nov. 13th and Dec. 15th 2017
Book yours now! 
Duration of the Retreat: one full day
Maximum number of people: 15
Your investment to a Bigger Mind: 5,000 EUR plus VAT

For more information, please contact Costis Catsakioris,