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Innovation Forum: Sustainable Sugarcane Forum

From: 04.12.2017 To: 05.12.2017 Share

Created in partnership with Bonsucro, the global platform for sugarcane, this forum is designed for all stakeholders in the sugar value chain. Expert speakers and panellists from CSC Sugar, Syngenta, AB Sugar, ED & F Man, Bayer and more will discuss how to develop guidelines for how companies can together develop and implement sustainable sugar strategies throughout the supply chain.

New to sugar?

Are you concerned that the sugar your company sources is a potential supply chain risk?

This conference is particularly helpful for companies that are new to the conversation and that are looking to understand the nature of the sugar industry and sugarcane farming better.

The content will provide the training for brands, retailers and end-buyers to implement strategies that help manage risks in their sugar supply chain and find the relevant partners to create a positive impact for farmers and workers.

Event audience and size

100-120 managers, directors, heads of department, and other senior professionals representing various stakeholders in the sugar value chain will attend.

They will be joined by key NGOs, government and multi-stakeholder initiative representatives.

The agenda encompasses sugarcane supply chains, and the event will include sugar farmers, processors, traders as well as end-buyers such as FMCGs, retailers, chemical and biofuel industry representatives.

You can see the timed agenda for the conference here.

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