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Stirixis Group

Stirixis Group

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Since: 10.11.2015

27 Esperou Str., Kifissia, 14561 Athens, Greece

The Gem Apartment by STIRIXIS Group

14.11.2017 Share

The Gem Apartment - Combining the Natural with the Exquisite

Our project “Gem Apartment” got its name from all the little shiny elements that decorate the finer details of this residence.

The design approach for the whole apartment can be summed up using two words “solid” and “simple”. Everything was chosen to accommodate this theme which permeates every corner of the whole area: from the furniture, designed simple in appearance, enhancing at the same time the feeling of compactness, to the imagery taken from nature that is found in every room. 

Furthermore, we made the most of every available inch of the apartment by providing hidden compartments within every piece of furniture, thus giving the space more room to breathe. Finally, special emphasis was given to the lighting through the placement of hidden light sources that underscore the elegant decorative elements.

Comprised merely of a bedroom, a sitting area, and a kitchen - dining room area, each seemingly independently designed, they nonetheless form a coherent and solid whole. At the same time, the elegance of the colourful art placed around the apartment is underscored by its careful implementation and gives the finishing touch to a complete design that aims to bring together elegance, beauty, and functionality.

STIRIXIS Exclusive ensured not only the perfect execution of the designs but the swift and trouble-free handover to the owner. A perfect example of a successful holistic approach…

STIRIXIS Exclusive is all about creating unique living spaces. We take on residential projects, design and manage them until the very end, delivering a functional and bespoke concept based on exciting and novel design ideas. From exclusive villas to city apartments or vacation houses, we create and ensure you move into a perfect living environment.