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STIRIXIS Group: A fantastic journey inside tripsta’s offices in Bucharest

29.11.2017 Share

A World of Colour and Landmarks

Tripsta is a leading multinational travel and ticket booking agency, that contacted STIRIXIS Group to design their new offices in Bucharest. Widely known for their great services we made sure to design their offices in a way that reflects and projects the company's values and attitude.

Specifically, the project concerned the design and refinement of the main office area, the kitchen, two meeting rooms, the reception area, and a series of small meeting booths.

After analyzing the brand’s strategy, we created a concept that incorporates the brand’s identity and style, while at the same time responds to issues of an internal workflow.

Openness and wanderlust were the words that drove our inspiration. Taking into consideration the company’s industry and the fact that new destinations symbolize new stimuli, new experiences, and new perceptions, we made use of the available space and the building’s big windows, to create the sense of travelling within the office itself. The natural light washes over the whole area, giving a sense of vitality and freedom, but also the impression you are flying among the clouds. Vibrant colours, various furniture styles, and modern touches used in the open and spacious environments, manage to perfectly combine the idea of being “outside but inside”.

The two meeting rooms are transformed into two dream destinations: Paris and New York. Decorative elements and special trademarks are used throughout the two meeting rooms transmitting the look and feel of both cities. The custom-made carpets showing the skylines and monuments of the cities create a unique and impressive result.

The play and relaxation areas follow the same trend of colour and “destination”. The addition of a “grass” carpet creates the feeling of an oasis inside the office, which ties well with the foosball table offering an area devoted to relaxation and team bonding. Areas strengthening informal communication, and togetherness are asserted by STIRIXIS Group as they help the team bond and have a multiplying effect on employee’s productivity. Employees can work more effectively as an entity or they can seek some privacy when needed, in the special booths which can double as meeting spots.

Tripsta’ CEO, Philipp Brinkman summed up perfectly what we offer to all of our clients and how we help them maximize their RoI. «STIRIXIS Group helped us to create a modern, usable, and open workspace for our employees and clients to feel comfortable in and inspired by. Throughout the design process, the team was committed to understanding and incorporating all our requests. They spent time getting to know us, our values, and our preferences to deliver a result that we couldn’t be happier with.»

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