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Global Sustain Group presents Integrated Report 2016

07.12.2017 Share

Global Sustain proudly presents its second Global Sustain Annual Integrated Report 2016, in line with the company's vision and commitment to growth, sustainability and transparency. The company considers sustainability reporting an integral and crucial part of its business strategy, highly linked with People-Planet-Profit mentality.

This report constitutes the first integrated report for the whole Global Sustain Group, including available data from Global Sustain Limited (established in London, UK), Global Sustain GmbH (established in Berlin, Germany) and Global Sustain S.A. (established in Athens, Greece). The report represents the management practices and the results of Group's actions for the reference year January 1, 2016 - December 31, 2016. For the reporting year 2016 Global Sustain conducted an updated materiality analysis, thus including in the Report new material issues and stakeholders.

This year’s Report was prepared considering the International Integrated Reporting Council standard (IIRC), the GRI-G4 guidelines (In accordance “Core”), the principles of the United Nations Global Compact and the AA1000 AccountAbility Principles Standard 2008. There is also a special reference to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) linked to GRI indicators, as well as disclosures based on Global Sustain PRI (Principles for Responsible Investment) signatory commitment. The content of the Report relevant to sustainability has been assured by the company TÜV HELLAS (TÜV NORD) S.A., while the financial figures of this report have been assured by RSM Greece S.A. Financial data for Global Sustain operations in UK have been prepared by the company’s chartered accountants Oury Clark, and for Germany by GPC Tax, according to national accounting standards. The Report is in English and designed by Global Sustain member Sympraxis Team.

Global Sustain is a steady growing and responsible business, that creates value for all stakeholders, by carefully managing the use of and return on all capitals (Financial, Social, Human, Intellectual, Natural).

Key Figures 
  • 29% Turnover Increase
  • 37% Social Product Increase 
  • 94% Customer Satisfaction
  • 90% Members Retention
  • 40.57 Average Training Hours per Employee
  • 85 Conferences and Events
For the full Global Sustain Annual Integrated Report 2016 press here.

The report is also available in e-book format, as you can see here.