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Innovation Forum

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Innovation Forum: Harnessing the SDGs to strengthen smallholder supply chains

From: 13.03.2018 To: 14.03.2018 Share

A practical discussion about how business can improve their smallholder supply chains through the Sustainable Development Goals.

13th-14th March 2018, London

The third forum in our smallholder series, this conference is designed for business, government, NGOs and the investment community to convene and discuss how to advance their smallholder supply chains through working towards the Sustainable Development Goals.

We will be discussing key smallholder issues and exploring how businesses can improve their smallholder supply chains by incorporating the Sustainable Development Goals into their work.

Some of the core themes include:
  • The business case: Is there a business case for pursuing the SDGs, and if there is, what is it?
  • Gender equality within smallholder farming: How can business correct the severe inequalities between male and female farmers?
  • The consequences of climate change: Building farmer resilience to unpredictable weather patterns and droughts to ensure food security
  • Farmer co-operatives: Improving farmer co-operatives for increased transparency, integrity, scale and the SDGs
  • The future of smallholder farming: The need to progress past subsistence level farming and support farmers’ entrepreneurial development
Our interactive breakout sessions will cover topics such as:
  • Farmer access to finance and funding: Why it is so hard for smallholders to gain access to finance and funding currently, and how can business can make it easier for them from now on?
  • Market access and long-term stability for smallholders: Improved access to markets can help smallholders build their assets and incomes, so how can business help?
  • Reducing food waste at farm level: best farm management practices, technology and other solutions to reduce and eliminate food waste at the farm level.
  • Working conditions and human rights on smallholder farms: What can business do to ensure the farmers in their supply chains have a decent working conditions?
What is unique about Innovation Forum conferences?
  • The Chatham House rule – this event is not intended as a PR platform, we hold the event under a covenant of confidentiality to promote open, honest exchange and encourage real debate.
  • Practical implementation – the agenda is focussed on the practical aspects of implementing policies and commitments.
  • Engagement and activity – the sessions are a mixture of panel discussions, Q&A, crisis scenario role plays and breakout discussions.
Who will be there?

This conference is designed specifically for organisations operating in the following sectors:
  • Food and beverage companies, agribusiness, soft commodity traders and retailers
  • Civil society organisations, certifiers and charities
  • Donors, financial service providers and insurers
  • Aid agencies and inter-governmental organisations
  • There will be 100-150 senior professionals attending.
What’s in it for you?
  • Learn from industry leaders; what has worked for them and what hasn’t.
  • Network with company VPs, directors and managers, NGOs, academics, government officials.
  • Participate in leading discussion and debate to contribute to the fight against deforestation.
If you would like to be involved in this forum as a speaker, sponsor, media partner or delegate, please contact:

Narni Brooke-Adil | Project Director
Direct: +44 (0) 203 780 7435