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STIRIXIS Group redesigns Mister Baker, the biggest Bakery Chain in the UAE

10.01.2018 Share

Mister Baker is the UAE’s leading bakery chain founded in 1990 with a network of 18 stores across the UAE. Despite its leading position, in 2017 Mister Baker decided to invest further in upgrading its concept for its clients with a view to 2025.  STIRIXIS Group worked closely with the management of Mister Baker to clarify and redefine the strategic objectives as well as to plan the investment at hand and its expected return.

Based on the new agreed strategic guidelines, STIRIXIS Group redesigned the logo and branding, designed a new architectural and operational concept and organized the roll-out throughout the chain.  At the same time, Mister Baker successfully designed and introduced new amazing cakes and savoury bites, in complete alignment to the updated strategy and worked further in optimizing customer service in the new stores.  The new holistic concept offers a whole new in-store experience driving you to truly celebrate every possible occasion and make every moment count!

Operationally the concept changed radically, bringing celebration sales-persons closer to customers and assisting them more directly and efficiently in creating special and memorable celebrations for themselves and their beloved ones. Display fridges were pushed back into the walls and island displays were used to promote certain products as well as to intrigue further exploration of everything that is offered from Mister Bakers extensive range of products. The coffee area was upgraded to welcome customers that want to have a tea or coffee with pastry or savouries, in an inspiring atmosphere of vivid colours, cake scents and soothing music.

The concept has been already implemented in the 2 biggest selling stores of the network with impressive results and will be further implemented in all other stores within the next 18 months.

Mr. Taizoon Khorakiwala, Partner of Mister Baker and Owner/Founder of the SwitzGroup, summed up our collaboration perfectly with the following testimonial:

“ […] The objective was to renovate the network of 18 bakeries; to modernize the brand experience and image in-store to appeal to the next generation of consumers. STIRIXIS Group studied the business to invest their inputs in several aspects of operation starting from concept through construction, branding, signage, market research and customer service. The first two renovations were completed in the last quarter of 2017. They were successful and the other 16 shops have been scheduled for completion within the next 18 months. More than consultants, STIRIXIS Group became partners and stakeholders of Mister Baker. They have been both quality and cost-conscious, ensuring that the company’s interests and the return on investment are prioritized. Above all else, they are professional, dedicated and a pleasure to work with.”