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EFQM: Excellence beyond ISO Workshop

From: 05.03.2018 To: 06.03.2018 Share

The EFQM model and ISO, different approaches for different purposes...  uncover how both can complement each other to support your excellence journey.

5 & 6 March 2018, Belgium, Brussels

The workshop will explore the background to both ISO type standards and the EFQM Excellence Model and how they can be used separately, sequentially or in conjunction with one another. Delegates will explore the similarities and convergence of ISO type standards and the EFQM Excellence Model and determine how they might go beyond the repetition of audit based improvement into understanding overall business results and performance and develop into an excellent organisation focused on Innovation and creativity.

The OUTPUT of the workshop will be a ROUTE MAP for your organisation to implement relevant frameworks and approaches to enhance its long term performance and compare itself with world class organisations to identify how it itself can achieve this level of excellence.

A 2-day Workshop to
  • look at the origin of the EFQM Model and ISO
  • Undertand the similarities and differences
  • Understand the progression most organisations undertake on their journey
  • Understand where the ISO and other standards fit within the EFQM Excellence Model
  • Understand how the ISO can evolve through the EFQM Model
  • Develop a road map for your organisation
Who is this workshop for?

This workshop is aimed at Quality and Excellence Directors, Quality managers, business Improvement managers and those who have responsibility for ensuring excellence in operations and business performance and are looking for a business framework to help them deliver overall business improvement. Whilst consultants can attend they must be prepared to bring a client case study with them to utilise during the interactive sessions of this workshop. The client example will be used to demonstrate how excellence beyond the use of ISO type standards can be achieved.

  • Delegates must have a basic knowledge of both the EFQM Excellence Model and ISO type standards
  • If you have no knowledge of how these frameworks operate this is not the course for you
  • This is a very interactive workshop with delegates sharing experiences and real examples of how they have used the relevant frameworks and your participation is expected
  • There is an element of pre-work (approximately 1 hour) that must be completed before you attend the workshop  
When & Where?

Excellence beyond ISO Workshops are organised at EFQM regularly, or it can be organised at your premises. Please check the calendar to find the next session.

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