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Piraeus Bank - JP Morgan: Investment prospects in international markets

From: 31.05.2017 To: 31.05.2017 Share

Piraeus Bank Private Banking and JP Morgan Asset Management held an event on "Investment prospects in international markets" on 31 May 2017 at the Grand Bretagne Hotel. The main speakers were Mr. George Juscsak, executive of JP Morgan Asset Management, and Mr. Elias Lekkos Head of Economic Research & Investment Strategy of Piraeus Bank.

The event, attended by more than 150 Private Banking clients and Relationship Managers, gave participants the opportunity to deepen into the theme of the international markets.

Mr. Juscsak in his presentation elaborated on the course of the international economy and the prospects of the main markets. In particular, he described the positive course of global growth which, in addition to the US, has begun to gain momentum both in Europe and the emerging markets. Emphasis has also been placed on key structural imbalances in the US, which could be a potential source of danger. At the same time, he referred to the rise in inflation and its impact on US monetary policy and the dollar. The speech also focused on the comparison of valuations and factors that affect key equity markets, as well as on the sensitivity of various equity and bond investments to changes in interest rates.

Mr. Lekkos referred both to the course of Greek macroeconomic and fiscal developments from the beginning of the MOUs until now, but also to the direct consequences of the negotiations under way. Through this analysis, he highlighted both the greatest risks that the Greek economy is faced with but also a number of ways forward. He noted that despite the fact that the Greek economy has shrunk considerably from 2008 to date and despite the fact that future fiscal targets remain ambitious, the country's economic performance is - under certain conditions - reversible.