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EFQM Webinar: Leading Across Borders: Capitalizing on your Cultural Currency

From: 26.04.2018 To: 26.04.2018 Share

While international business affords tremendous opportunity for growth and prosperity, often those opportunities are not fully realized. Cultural differences between strategic partners can serve as barriers to successful collaborative initiatives. However there are relatively simple strategies that can greatly improve your credibility with global partners. Using the concept of cultural currency, executives can use straightforward tactics to build credibility and then leverage that credibility to more deeply establish international relationships.

This presentation will provide recommendations to accumulate and wisely invest your cultural currency so you can better claim the value inherent in international business. After completing the session, participants should be better able to:
  • Recognize when their current cultural currency has little value
  • Use simple strategies to accumulate credibility
  • Capitalize on newly gained credibility to enhance your presence and relationships
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