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Stirixis Group

Stirixis Group

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Since: 22.12.2015

27 Esperou Str., Kifissia, 14561 Athens, Greece

STIRIXIS Group creates an impressive new concept for the chain of Nova stores

17.05.2018 Share

STIRIXIS Group creates an impressive “Home Cinema” concept for the chain of Nova stores!

STIRIXIS Group’s latest project is the new retail concept developed for Nova, the country’s largest and most famous home entertainment provider offering also telephony and internet connectivity.
The project concerns the renovation of the entire network of Nova stores under a new concept which focuses on communicating the wide range of services of the brand as well as the “Nova World”, the world of experiences.

The store is designed to give the impression that one is entering a home cinema. The journey begins from outside the store, where wide clear facades allow the visitor to peek inside and see the whole store as a scenery. The customer journey passes then through the attraction, interaction and service zones making the customer experience memorable. Warm homey textures are combined with the brand’s colours while throughout the space there is accent lighting to allow the content of the Nova's channels at the monitors to be dominant. 

As for the younger visitors a dedicated kids’ area is created, to make the experience both for parents and children memorable and flexible.

Presently the concept has been applied to the first 3 stores of the network and is rolling out fast from this point onwards. The strategy has proven to be successful as the concept has been warmly received by its customers leading to an important increase in store visits and sales.

Dionysis Tsitos, Marketing Director of Forthnet, described our collaboration in the following way: 

"I consider STIRIXIS Group an essential partner in the project of Nova stores renovation and the development of our new retail store concept. They successfully delivered our scope for a customer-centric, digitalized but yet homey store that offers a superior retail experience of Nova services to our customers. All the persons we have worked with were very helpful, knowledgeable and creative. I would highly recommend STIRIXIS Group for their forward thinking and quality in all aspects of their work."

Find more information about the project here.